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Nusach Ashkenaz Peshutot Tefillin with Black Straps

This set of Tefillin is made from sheep or goat hide and features knots, straps and writing on the inside that follows the Ashkenaz tradition used in Europe.

Please note that when it asks to select left-handed, this is tefillin which will be wrapped on the right arm. And when it says right-handed, the tefillin should be wrapped on the left arm.

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Nusach Ashkenaz Peshutot Tefillin with Black Straps

This set of Tefillin, also known as phylacteries, includes two Tefillin boxes and straps that are made from authentic sheep or goat hide. The Tefillin contains scrolls that have four sections of the Torah written on them in accordance with Jewish Law using Bet Yosef or Arizal Script. The Tefillin boxes – Batim – are jet black and the Head Tefillin (Shel Rosh) has a three branch and four branch Shin on two of the sides. The Tefillin straps have been painted black on top and are grey or brown on the bottom.

Please note that the Tefillin have been checked by hand and by computer to ensure they are Kosher.

Make sure to indicate whether you are left or right-handed so that the Tefillin straps will be tied correctly.

Please keep in mind that the storage boxes may not match the design in the image above.