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Moses Figurine with Ten Commandment Tablet in Silver-Plating

Bearded and raising his hand, Moses is standing on a wooden stand holding the Ten Commandments tablet. Made from silver-plating, this figurine of our patriarch is simply wonderful and inspiring. Moses look is forward and meaningful, full of emotion and shows Moses right after receiving the tablets from G-d on Mount Sinai.
Moses is one of the most important patriarchs and figures in Judaism, leading the Israelites out of Egypt, crossing of the Red Sea and to the promised land of Canaan. The Ten Tablets represent God’s commandments given to the Israelites, by which they must live their lives, in modesty, respect to each other and faith.
This figurine will be a terrific addition to your living room!
Matériau Polypropylene-Plaqué Argent
Dimensions 14 cm
Délai de traitement estimé: 3-5 Jours Ouvrés.
Le temps de traitement de votre commande est le nombre de jours estimé requis pour que votre colis soit préparé à être expédié depuis notre centre de traitement situé en Israël.

Moses Figurine with Ten Commandment Tablet in Silver-Plating

Made from polyresin and plated in silver, this figurine is made with the image of our beloved Moses, holding the Ten Commandments tablets he received on Mount Sinai from G-d to present to the Israelites. This lovely figurine will inspire everyone, reminding them of G-d's faith and commandments on living in the community a life of respect to one another and observance of Mitzvot.