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Hassidic Man Playing the Violin Figurine Silver-Plated

This charming figurine is featured with Hassidic man standing and playing the violin. Jewish musicians are a famous theme in Judaica, especially a figurine of man playing a violin. This figurine is a reminder of Jewish life and is a cultural and Jewish symbol. Jewish musicians used to pass from village to village and towns, playing in the town’s center, gathering the congregation around their music and evoking deep emotions and memories.
The figurine of the hassidic musician is a symbol to Jewish history, conveying sorrow, joy and other emotions the Jewish nation has experienced throughout history. If you are looking for a meaningful gift to a Jewish friend or gift for the holiday, this figurine will delight any receiver!
Matériau Plaqué Argent
Dimensions 15 cm
Délai de traitement estimé: 3-5 Jours Ouvrés.
Le temps de traitement de votre commande est le nombre de jours estimé requis pour que votre colis soit préparé à être expédié depuis notre centre de traitement situé en Israël.

Hassidic Man Playing the Violin Figurine Silver-Plated

This wonderful figurine of Hassidic man playing the violin. The violin is a musical instrument associated with Judaism and Jewish music. Hassidic is a group in Judaism, mostly of Ashkenazi descent. This figurine will be beautiful to display in the living room.