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Ark of the Covenant Seven Hassidic Figurine Silver-Plated

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Ark of the Covenant Seven Hassidic Figurine Silver-Plated

Known as the Ark of Testimony, the Ark of Covenant is made in gold, containing the Commandment tablets, given to Moses on Mount Sinai by G-d. It was built according to G-d’s instructions and was carried during the forty years the Israelites wandered in the desert. During rest, the ark was placed in a special tent, called the Tabernacle.
This figurine is a beautiful replica of the ancient gold Ark, being carried by seven Hassidic men, each wearing a garment adorned with Hoshen gems. Hoshen, or Priestly breastplate, is a popular symbol for the 12 tribes of Israel, each represented by a colorful gem. It was a sacred breastplate worn by the High Priest of the Israelites, as described in book of Exodus. Each stone was to be a mineral, arranged in four rows, as they are arranged on this piece. The silver lid, or Kapparot, is featured with two sitting Cherubim, facing each other.
This marvelous figurine will be a beautiful gift for any occasion!
Matériau Plaqué Argent
Dimensions 24x10 cm
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Ark of the Covenant Seven Hassidic Figurine Silver-Plated

Carried by seven Hassidic men, this figurine of the Ark of Covenant, is magnificent. Hassidic is a group in Judaism of European descent, usually very religious and therefore perfect to carry the Ark of Covenant, containing the Commandment tablets.

This figurine is a beautiful symbol of Jewish traditions and history and will be a wonderful Passover gift.