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Passover Seder Plate with Pomegranate Laser Cuts

Adorned with laser cut pomegranates and Hebrew text, this metal Seder plate will be a lovely addition to the traditional Passover Seder plate.

The Seder plate, also known known as Seder bowl or Passover Seder plate, is at the center of every Jewish dining-room table during Passover. This is the traditional plate on which we place six types of foods that represent concepts that relate to Pesach and the Exodus. The Charoset, a sweet mixture of fruits, wine and honey, represents the mortar that the Hebrews used to build cities in Egypt; the maror, bitter herbs, and chazeret, horseradish, symbolize the hardships that the Hebrews underwent; the karpas, any vegetable other than bitter herbs, usually potato or celery, is dipped in salt water and stands for the many tears shed by the enslaved Hebrews; the hard-boiled egg represents the korban hagigah, the festival sacrifice, that was offered in the Temple; finally the z’roa, usually a chicken wing or roasted lamb, represents the korban haPesach, the Passover sacrifice. The z’roa is only symbolic and is not eaten.

This Seder plate will be a wonderful Pesach gift!
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Dimensions 35cm
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Passover Seder Plate with Pomegranate Laser Cuts

A Seder Plate is the centerpiece of any Seder table and generally has separate sections for each of the Passover symbols and foods. This Seder plate is embellished with the names of the traditional foods in Hebrew cut out by laser. Some people use embroidered or embellished Seder Plate covers to even further enhance the beauty of their tables. Seder Plates can be some of the most beautiful pieces of Judaica available and are often part of a family tradition that passes from parents to children to grandchildren.