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Hanukkah Menorah – Kinetic Turquoise, Silver and Blue by Adi Sidler

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Hanukkah Menorah – Kinetic Turquoise, Silver and Blue by Adi Sidler

Hanukkah celebrates two miraculous events, one being the defeat of the Jews over the Greeks. The Jews were persecuted by the Greeks and not able to celebrate their religion freely. The Jews were much smaller than the Greeks in numbers, but by a miracle they overcame this factor and won. The second miracle of Hanukkah is that after the battle, the Jews searched through their destroyed Holy temple to find oil to light a candle. There was only enough oil to last one day, but by a miracle it lasted eight days.

These miracles are remembered and celebrated during Hanukkah by lighting one candle on the Menorah each night and reciting a blessing. One candle is lit each night for eight nights, using the tallest candle called the Shamash, to light the others.

A modern Hanukkah menorah, made of turquoise, silver and blue anodized aluminum, allows you to mix and match to create any arrangement that you like!Fully changeable, it can be set up in several different styles. You can make use of it throughout the year by stacking the candleholders one on top of the other to design your own candelabra.
Matériau Aluminium
Dimensions 22x7.5cm
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Hanukkah Menorah – Kinetic Turquoise, Silver and Blue by Adi Sidler

Basically, this Hanukkah menorah can have a different style every night! It has a base and nine colored parts which are made of specially anodized aluminum which gives this product its new, contemporary look. Mix the angles and vary the colors!
A graduate from the celebrated Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem Israeli native, Adi Sidler, received several prestigious scholarships and honors in the field of metalwork and object design. His products are characterized by sharp clean minimal lines. Adi has become one of Israel’s sensational Judaica artists.

Treat yourself this year and buy this Hanukkah menorah!